welcome to Moira Baptist Church
Hello, I'm Pastor Simon

Welcome to  Moira Baptist Church online. We are a church that is welcoming to all and until the Covid-19 virus struck, your first contact would have been a warm smile and handshake at our door. Now we welcome you to our online ministry and pray that one day soon we can fellowship together again.

At Moira Baptist we are passionate about Jesus Christ, knowing Him, following Him, and serving Him in the village and community of Moira.

We seek to be a church where believers can grow together in their faith, caring for one another as a family, and encouraging one another to keep trusting in the good news of Jesus Christ.

And we’ll be honest, it’s that good news we want to tell you about. As well as being a place believers can grow, we also want to be a place where those who haven’t yet trusted in Jesus, can be exposed to His greatness and challenged to follow Him. 

Some questions visitors ask (None relevant at the minute due to the virus)

How should I dress?
We seek to create an environment where families and individuals can feel at ease coming into this church. Some of our people come to church dressed in their suits and others come in more casual attire; however you come you will be given a warm and friendly welcome.

Are children welcome? On Sunday mornings we provide a range of facilities for young families from a fully staffed crèche for 0-3 year olds to Wonder Kidz for 4-7 year olds.

What are your services like? Each time we meet we read from God’s Word, sing songs of praise while our worship team lead us, take time to pray and then the majority of our time is spent listening to the Bible being taught.

Most Sundays the morning service concludes with the Lord’s Table or communion, a time when believers remember the Lord by eating bread and drinking wine together in the way the Saviour appointed. Those who are not believers are welcome to observe but not participate or to leave in the short break before the communion service begins.

Evening services are less formal with singing, testimonies, Scripture and teaching and sometimes we also meet around the Lord’s Table.

Pastor Simon at Moira Baptist
Service Times

Sunday: 11:00 am,

Sunday School
and free fellowship Cafe
from 10.00 am – 10.45 am.

Sunday 6.30 pm


Church news

Peter and Rachel Bittle

Peter Bittle and his wife Rachel with their three children serve the Lord in Asia Pacific. Please pray for them.

Our Beliefs and practice

Statement of Faith
Statement of Faith

We believe it is important to have a comprehensive statement of what we believe Scripture teaches and to which all members must consent. We use the same Statement os our Association.

Believers' Baptism

Our Lord’s command makes it very clear that we are to make disciples,… baptising them… and teaching them.Discipleship comes first, then baptism – and that order is always the same in the New Testament.

communion at Moira Baptist
The Lord's Table

The Lord’s Table was institutes by our Saviour the night he was crucified. He took bread, gave thank and broke it and gave to them saying, “This is my body given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”

The Baptists

membership handshake

Church Membership

We have a growing church family. 145 of us are members but with children and others committed to MBC, we number more than 300.

But what does membership in a Baptist church mean?

association of Baptists in Ireland

Our Association

The Association of Baptist churches in Ireland is a group of autonomous churches which have voluntarily agreed to work together. 93 are located in Northern Ireland and 28 in the Republic of Ireland

Our leadership

The Elders

Pastor Simon at Moira Baptist
Pastor Simon

Simon Mawhinney is our pastor and is married to Lynda. They have 5 children.

Ralph Patterson
Ralph Patterson

Ralph is our most recent Elder. His wife is Sheelagh and they have 4 children

Moira Baptist Church


Contact the appropriate person
Simon Mawhinney

Simon Mawhinney


Simon Morrison Church secretary

Simon Morrison

Church Secretary

Peter Smyth - Church Secretary

Peter Smyth

Church Treasurer

Sandra Leathem at Moira Baptist

Sandra Leathem

Administrator and
Data Protection Officer

David McFarland

David McFarland

Web ministry

Yvonne Macartney

Y Macartney

Safeguarding coordinator


Our Deacons

Contact / Service times

Contact info

Moira Baptist Church
Henry Court
BT67 0NS
Northern Ireland
Phone: +44 28 9261 3184
Email: admin@moirabaptist.org

Service Times

11:00 am and 6.30 pm

Events / Calendar