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Privacy Notice for Young People

At Moira Baptist Church (MBC), we are committed to being clear about what information we hold about you and how we keep it safe and private. You have rights around how we use and share this information and this notice is to help you understand this.

Our Data Protection Officer is responsible for making sure we follow MBC privacy notice and data protection policy. If you have any questions about the information we hold about you contact her or speak with your youth leader.


 Personal data: any information about you and can identify you.

 Special categories of personal data: information about your age, health, AccessNI Enhanced Disclosure application and outcome.

What information we hold

MBC collects and processes a range of information about you. This may include:

 your name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, date of birth and school year

 information about the person/s who has parental responsibility for you and other additional contacts

 Medical/health information

 Attendance register

 Safeguarding information if applicable

 Photographs/videos

MBC will collect this information in a variety of ways e.g. youth registration forms, from person/s who have parental responsibility for you, getting to know you and your attendance at events.

 Data Protection Rules (GDPR)

MBC holds your information based on the following rules:

 We process your information lawfully, fairly and clearly.

 We collect information from you for clear and specific reasons.

 We process information only when it is relevant and on a need to know basis.

 We keep your information up to date.

 We keep your information only for as long as is needed.

 We make sure your information is kept safe and protected against use by people who shouldn’t know it, accidental loss, or damage.

MBC will tell you why we are collecting your information and how we use it. We will not use your information for any other reasons than what we tell you. We need you to let us know if any of your information changes like if you move house or get a new phone. If you tell us your information has changed or is not right, we will make sure to update your records as soon as possible.

The information we gather about you will be kept securely locked in a cupboard, on computers that are password protected and encrypted. If we find out that your information has not been used properly or has got lost, we will tell you and the Information Commissioner within 72 hours of finding out.

Your Rights

You have a number of rights around the information we hold about you. You have the right to see information held about you at any time. You also have the right to know:

 What information we hold

 Who we share information with

 How long we keep your information

 How we make sure your information is right or changed when needed

 You can complain to the Information Commissioner if you think we haven’t looked after your information properly

We can give you a copy of the information we hold about you if you want it (according to the time frame we store your information in our data protection policy). To request this you should contact the data protection officer. He/she may ask to see ID to make sure we don’t give your information to the wrong person. We will normally get back to you within a month of you asking. If there is a lot of information, it could take between 1 to 3 months to get it sent to you.

Who else has access to your information?

Department Leaders/Youth Leaders/Elders (as appropriate) and the Designation Person (Safeguarding) may have access to some of your information. We will tell you if and when, who will have access to this information and why.

We will not share your information with anyone else unless you tell us we can. The only time we need to do this without your permission is if we think you or someone else is in danger. This is in line with our Safeguarding Policy. If you are under age 13 yr+, we may agree with you about sharing information with your parents/carers. Anyone who has access to your information must:

 Only access it if they have to

 Maintain your confidentiality, sharing information with others only if they are concerned about your safety or wellbeing

 Keep your information safe and secure

 Not keep your information for longer than they need to.

How long we keep your information?

MBC will hold your information for as long as is necessary (according to the time frames in our data protection policy).


We may need to change or update this privacy notice at any time, and we will give you a new privacy notice when we make any big updates.


If you have any questions about this privacy notice, please contact Sandra Leathem, our Data Protection Officer by email..


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